Quality Assured!

When the best luthier gets his hand on a high quality wood, he is able to craft an instrument that has a soul! We have the best of both world, that is why our instruments brings out the best of players across the world!

Delicate Craft!

To a small instrument such as an ukulele, a slight dent in any area would drastically affect the tone of the ukulele. Our luthier’s hands are trained to make sure each corner of our ukuleles are perfectly crafted!

Affordable for all!

D’Clair Ukuleles are made from the best woods at an affordable price. Our mid end solid wood ukuleles are able to compete with any high end ukuleles in the market!

    Specially Made For You!

    Top Notch Ukulele

    We use the best parts to bring out the best in you! From the sound to the appearance, we never neglect any of it.


    Each and every headstock of our ukuleles are equipped with Chrome Smooth Tuner with White Pearl Tuning Head.

    Rosewood Binding

    We protect our ukulele’s body with an armor made of Rosewood that binds the side of it’s body! Not only that it protects, it is also enhanced it’s beauty!

    Custom Rosette

    To complete a D’Clair ukulele,  we put in the final touch with our very own Laser Vine Inlay Custom Rosette!