Why D’Clair Guitar

We learn from the best to give you the best! Under the guidance of Jeffrey Yong and Marc Lamaq , we learnt the art of crafting world’s most fantastic and delicate instruments.

Luthier Master Jeffrey Yong is a two-time World Class Luthier Champion for The World Most Beautiful Sound Handmade Acoustic Guitar Award and Classical Guitar Award

Marc Lamaq is a Luthier that specializes in crafting high quality, fully handmade guitars specially designed for international musicians and brands.


D’Clair has strict requirements in selection of Wood for our guitar’s soundboard.

Good Wood = Good Tone

It must be able to produce good sound, durable, and looks good!


D’Clair guitars are known for their balanced tonal response. The way that each brace is shaped and positioned on the soundboard contributes detailed nuances that are so critical that even slight alterations of its design, profile or thickness can result in differences in tone.

Bridge + Saddle

We must acknowledge the importance of the bridge and saddle of every guitars. They play an important role for sounding. It reflects on the pitch, harmonics and string height. A good bridge improves the durability of your guitar string up to 4 times and improve the sound transmission up to 150%

    D’Clair TM

    The extra effort we put in to perfect players experience!

    Side Soundport

    Specially designed for better hearing purpose- SIDE SOUND HOLE. The player can hear clearly what’s he is playing and hence, it’s more enjoyable and this makes him perform better in front of the audience. This is a new experience to you if you never tried a guitar with side hole.

    Guitar Rosette

    One thing that we could proudly flaunt away is our Specially Custom Designed Rosette. It is small thing that completes the guitar, like a cream on top of a dessert.