Our guitars are made to perfection from shape to sound.


Our ukuleles are designed for all, young and old.


Our violins are made to express your deepest feelings.


All the little things that could help you play better.

We are Perfectionist!

We gives all our heart and soul to ensure the Quality & Superiority of our creation. With our Skills & Dedication, we deliver the finest instrument to express your music the way you imagined.
– Heart . Perfection . Affordable –


As a music FANATIC, we create instruments that produces breathtaking sound for MUSIC Lovers and PERFORMERS. We love what we do and it shows in our quality and workmanship. We study and learn from the World’s Best Master Luthiers to ensure your instrument is at its highest quality possible. There are no shortcuts in what we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Today’s instruments are made for all different levels and styles of play. However, for a truly unique and exquisite sound, some serious players graduate to custom-made instruments. Let us be the one to make you YOUR PERFECT SOUND! Unique one of a kind instruments with a combination of the finest woods, inlays and designs that are one of a kind.


Choosing a new instruments is an exciting process, and there will be hundreds upon hundreds of great instruments with great sounds out there asking for your attentions! Let us help you select your best instrument at  an affordable price. We strive to provide the best cost to quality ratio instruments in the market!

– What people say about us –

I really enjoy playing this guitar, because the neck is perfect, there is a good balance between the medium, bass and treble and at a very affordable price

Jean Luc Barra

This guitar has a light sound, very suitatable for slow song. It is also good for some walking bass song. I like it.

Yuta Tanaka

My D’Clair guitar complements me, as an instrument and travel companion. Not only is it pretty, it is also light and portable. Because of the quality wood, the projection is loud, vibrate and gives me the acoustic vibe that I always like. I am a proud owner of a D’Clair guitar. Thank you D’Clair.

Eunice Hoo Phei Syuen

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